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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Updates On Varsity Fanclub!

Recently the boys posted a new blog on their myspace about a NEW CONTEST!
Check It Out!
Hey guys, SO we have a little contest we formed! We want you to make flyers and pass them out at your school, we know its a new school year and everyones sad the summer has ended, I know we are.. But hopefully this will make it a little more fun..So ya, we want you to make flyers and Youtube yourself and your friends passing out flyers to people at your school. Who ever does this for us, will be put in our top friends on myspace, no questions asked!!! We just need you to message us with the Youtube link with the video and your myspace url in a message so we can put you up! This should be fun and we can't wait to see the videos! :) -Varsity Fanclub

P.S. If you're homeschooled or cant do that at your school, go to the mall, that works too!!! :)
They also posted a NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO!
Check It Out Below

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